Airspace Management
for Drones

Integrate drones into business workflows and manage fleet operations.
Explore the market-proven solution for urban air mobility.
Avision - Airspace Management for Drones

Avision App

Web and mobile application for drone operations management.
FAA LAANC is natively integrated for real-time airspace authorizations.

Pilot in Command




Automated Mission

DJI Flight Control

Fleet Operations

Airspace Analytics

3D Flight Simulation

Platform Integration API

Real-time Monitoring

Activity Logbook

Avision UTM

UAS Service Supplier (USS) supports UAS fleet operations and is interconnected with FAA / ANSP systems, Supplemental Data Service Providers (SDSP), and other USSs.

Industry Solutions

Avision Flight Platform offers fleet operations and airspace management services to commercial and government stakeholders.

Infrastructure Inspection

Whether you are inspecting power lines, railroad tracks or oil pipelines, Avision platform offers essential services to plan the BVLOS operation, authorize the flight, and monitor operation execution.

Public Safety

Police, Firemen, and first responders perform critical life-saving work with the help of drones nationwide. We assist with fleet operations management, real-time video streaming, and remote identification.

Airport Security

Avision UTM, integrated with other detection technologies, offers a consolidated situational awareness dashboard for towered airports, public outdoor events, and critical infrastructure.

"Avision demonstrates a fully integrated out-of-the-box solution for last-mile logistics. For additional safety and operational visibility, we utilize Avision UTM"

– Stan Khlevner, CEO of Dive Delivery and FAA certified remote pilot

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