Avision App for Drones

Web and mobile application for drone operations management.
FAA LAANC is natively integrated for real-time airspace authorizations.

Avision App for Drones

FAA LAANC Authorizations

FAA’s Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, integrated into Avision App, offers commercial and recreational pilots great flexibility for digital and real-time airspace reservation within controlled airspace. Avision is an FAA approved UAS Service Supplier (USS).

Airspace Advisories

The App supplies commercial and recreational operators with airspace rules, advisories, TFRs, fire hazards, national parks, and more. We integrate directly with official government systems and provide access to reliable data with frequent data refresh intervals based on existing guidelines.

Avision App for Drones

Flight Planning

Create a new trajectory or area based operation for automated or manual mission with our intuitive interface, or upload an existing flight plan for system validation. In addition, our Flight Intelligence™ offers battery prognostics, weather implications, terrain following, obstacle avoidance, regulations compliance, and more.

Realtime Monitoring

On mobile, flight operational area (as well as UVRs and other UTM alerts) is visualized in DJI™ flight deck screen providing access to real-time information at the fingertips of Pilot in Command. With our fleet automation features and web dashboard, real-time fleet monitoring is also streamlined for operations manager.

Activity Logbook

All activities related to your operations are stored in our cloud for real-time analytics, historical recordkeeping, and after action review. The mission log from the aircraft is uploaded into our platform automatically after operations are completed. Our analytics layer provides additional insights and reporting capabilities.

DJI Ground Control

For enterprise and government customers, we offer additional tools to simplify team, asset, and operations management. Features including role-based access, flight plan management and reuse, asset tacking and more are available via web application or platform REST API.

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