"Avision demonstrates a fully integrated out-of-the-box solution for last-mile logistics. For additional safety and operational visibility, we utilize Avision UTM"

– Stan Khlevner, Remote Optix Co-founder & COO and FAA-certified remote pilot

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flying a drone safely for the hobbyist and professional alike, requires a good understanding of regulations and reliable tools to manage compliance. Avision simplifies flying by offering a range of services to plan, authorize, and execute operations effortlessly.

What is LAANC Authorization?

  • Operations in Class G airspace are allowed without air traffic control (ATC) permission. Operations in Class B, C, D and E airspace need ATC authorization.
  • The FAA Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC), natively integrated into the Avision desktop and mobile apps, is designed to support drone operations with near real-time airspace authorizations. LAANC is now live at more than 530 FAA ATC facilities covering over 726 airports throughout the country and many authorizations are granted within seconds of being submitted.
  • Currently, LAANC only applies to FAA ATC facilities and does not yet include contract or Department of Defense ATC facilities. Authorizations for those facilities need to follow the manual process through FAADroneZone.

How Does Avision help me fly?

The Avision application provides a portfolio of integrated services including flight planning, airspace authorization, and in-flight intelligence that takes into account the weather, traffic, federal and local regulations to break down the barriers of flying without sacrificing safety.

Can I build a flight plan in Avision Web App and access it via Mobile?

Yes – all Avision account types come with the convenience of web and mobile application. Your data is safely stored in the cloud and is available via all our supported platforms. Enterprise account provides teams with collaboration and workflow management features.

How to get started with Avision for Mobile?

Designed for the mobile on the go pilot, and providing the enterprise a truly integrated extension of organizational flying rules, Avision provides an unmatched experience for reviewing advisories and executing operations anywhere and anytime.

What drone manufacturers and models does Avision support?

Avision is compliant with UTM / U-space regulations and supports a wide variety of drone manufactures via a flexible REST API integration. In addition, Avision mobile App supports most DJI and Pixhawk drones with the integrated flight control capabilities. We are adding more manufacturers and models regularly, so please see our updated list or send us a request if you are looking for a custom enterprise solution.

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