Advanced Air Mobility

Within Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) architecture, Avision acts as Provider of Services for Urban Air Mobility (PSU). Avision PSU capabilities have been successfully demonstrated during various flight campaigns.

Strategic Conflict Management

Avision supported AAM National Campaign (X3/X4) to ensure UAM operations can scale in the National Airspace System (NAS). The architecture included a prototype of the FAA-Industry Exchange Protocol (FIDXP), third-party PSU services, Discovery and Synchronization Service (DSS), and Demand-Capacity Balancing (DCB) to facilitate UAM strategic conflict management. Avision PSU successfully completed a series of software sprints and collaborative simulations with the airspace partners to ensure interoperability in a complex environment with high traffic density.

Comms Navigation Surveillance

FAA’s NextGen BNE project focuses on large UAS operations such as cargo aircraft that fly longer distances through the NAS. Avision PSU coordinates airspace management and supports live operation execution for various UAS types including eVTOL and OPA (Aurora’s Centaur optionally piloted aircraft). Through a series of data collection activities that exhibit increasing complexity, the team evaluates multiple concepts and scenarios aimed at identifying potential gaps and the impact of large BVLOS operations on current CNS technology.

AAM / ATM Integration

Avision continues to operationalize ATM integration capabilities to facilitate safe operation of UAS in the NAS. In addition to PSU functions in the AAM corridor, Avision communicates with ATM providing air traffic controllers with enhanced situational awareness within native systems. During various flight campaigns, Avision successfully demonstrated automation of communication between RPIC and ATC including flight authorization, en-route flight modification, and hand-off between corridor environment and controlled airspace.


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