a bird

From Latin avis, From Proto-Italic awis, from Proto-Indo-European h₂éwis.

About Avision

Avision Inc. was founded on the idea of organizing drone traffic and powering eco-friendly urban air mobility. The company name comes from the Latin avis, meaning “bird”. Our team is comprised of industry experts in aviation, navigation, modeling and simulation software. In the past, we developed Air Traffic Control systems as well as helicopter and airplane professional flight simulators – solutions certified by ICAO.
In partnership with NASA since 2015, the company has been working on UTM technical capability levels and operationalizing our class-leading USS solution. Today, Avision is a premier global supplier of airspace technology for UTM as well as a certified USS provider in the USA. In addition, we offer commercial and government customers a mobile App and lightweight SaaS solution for integrating, managing, and simplifying drone operations.

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