Drone Delivery

Avision App for professional pilots provides a flight management system for automated delivery with integrated air drop capability.

Last-Mile Logistics Solution

Delivery operations are conducted under FAA Part 107 by certified remote pilots. Mission planning, LAANC airspace authorization, and flight execution is managed by Avision iOS or Android mobile application. The off-the-shelf drone, such as DJI Phantom series, is fitted with an air drop system like PGYTECH while release control is programmed into the Avision flight platform. The drone takes off from a predefined location via an automated waypoint mission, flies to the backyard of the residential customer, lowers into the marked location, automatically releases the package, and returns to the launch base via the same flight path.

FAA Confirms Delivery Operations

Our small unmanned aircraft rule (Part 107) and Certificate of Authorization process allow operators to transport goods and certain medical supplies – including test kits, most prescription drugs and, under certain circumstances, blood – provided the flight complies with all provisions of the rule or authorization.

FAA Regulatory Updates due to Coronavirus

Setup is Easy as 1, 2, 3

For your convenience, Avision includes the last-mile drone delivery solution within our flight management system. Off-the-shelf hardware integrates flawlessly into our platform and you can start operations with the following steps:

Pro Account

Create Avision account and upgrade to Pro version with Flight Intelligence™

Drone Delivery

Flight Planning

Setup your flight plan and obtain FAA LAANC Authorization (if applicable)

Drone Delivery

Ground Control

Connect your DJI drone in Avision App, select mission, and fly automatically


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