Drone Mapping

Integrated industrial solution for crop protection and insurance.
Drone operations management, data processing, and analysis reports.

Automated Flight Control

Plan your flight operations via Avision web or mobile App by uploading KML files or using our intuitive interface for drone mapping. Control mission execution on iOS or Android mobile device(s) in the field.  Flight logs are automatically stored in the cloud for analysis and after-action review.

Regulation Compliance

Check airspace advisories, weather conditions, terrain avoidance and obstacle flight alerts. Request FAA LAANC airspace authorizations via Avision UAS service supplier interface with a click of a button.  Employ Avision UTM features to enhance monitoring for advanced BVLOS operations.

Fleet Management

Create your organization, add users, and share access to flight plans, activities, and reports across the company.  Setup access controls with Avision enterprise user management and permission-based security.  Monitor your fleet operations in real-time via our fleet management web interface. 

Avision App for Drones

Data Processing and Analysis

Process collected data into high-quality reports powered by Skyglyph, our partner, and industry leader in crop protection and insurance. Create detailed orthophotomaps, digital elevation models and thermal maps with interactive crop segmentation. Generate crop health reports including damage detection, plant density, and stress analysis by vegetation indices. 

Crop Protection Analytics

The system includes a number of unique features for crop protection companies, including the management of image crop segmentation, plants density estimation, out-of-the-box field trial reporting, and multivariate correlation analysis.


Texas A&M University
Corpus Christi Fire Department

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